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HARPFEST was born in 2006 as one of the major organization of Harp events in Singapore. HarpFest aims to forge friendships, share harp music and focus on nurturing young harpists in the region. Besides having our local harpists  perform, we have also invited and hosted several esteemed international artists such as Isabelle Moretti (France), Isabelle Perrin (France), Lynne Aspnes (USA), Ulpia Erdos (Australia), Jakez Francois (France), Florence Sitruk (Germany), Shannon Chieh (Taiwan), Gabriella Dall’Olio (UK), Christina Braga (Brazil), Catrin Finch (UK) etc.

In the past years, Artistic Director Katryna Tan and the HarpFest Committee has put together wonderful and creative projects which has built the Harp community in the region. This has thus led to great leaps in the harp community and artistic levels. Many participants of the HarpFest have continued to soar with the experience, winning International Harp Competitions and joining prestigious Music Schools.