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LET THE HARPS SOUND ~ Harp for Adults and Seniors, facilitated by Katryna Tan

Join us for a performance workshop, of sharing harp learning for adults and seniors. Enjoy their music making and stories of how music has benefited in their lifes. Harpists will also share their learning challenges and how they overcame them.
Guests performance by Singapore Adult Harp groups and special guests from Tasmania, Australia.

(Open to public, all adults and seniors learning harp or anyone interested in hearing the benefits of playing the harp)

LET’S COMPOSE! ~ with Eric Watson

Enjoy a workshop on how to be creative and compose on your instrument. Enjoy exploring news sounds on your instrument. Workshop will discuss selected compositions by students. Eric Watson will also compose a new piece together with all participants in this workshop. Let’s Compose together!
Eric Watson is a well-respected composer in Singapore. He has also been inspiring and teaching composition to many young aspiring writers.

(Open to harpists and non-harpists of all ages.)

HARP MASTERCLASS ~ with Sylvain Blassel (France)

Open Masterclass with virtuoso harpist Sylvain Blassel.
Sylvain Blassel teaches the harp at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon, along with Fabrice Pierre and Park Stickney. He also teaches at the Conservatoire de Rennes, Brittany.


HARP THROUGH THE AGES ~ with Jakez Francois (France)
Join harp expert Jakez Francois who is not only a great maker of harps but also very knowledgeable about harps from pre-historic and it’s evolution to harps today.
With a huge collection of historic harps, Jakez will share in this workshop especially about 17th century harps, 18th century harps (where the pedal harp was first invented) and the 19th century harps (modern double action) and harps of today.


Limited Private Masterclass is available for:

COMPOSITION MASTERCLASS (with Eric Watson and Phang Kok Jun)

HARP MASTERCLASS (with Harp Artists)


Please email info@raveharps.com to enquire.