Share your “Dreams beyond the Rainbow”!

Throughout our harp festivals, we have heard inspiring stories from many harpists ~ about achieving dreams beyond their imagination, their journey to achieving their dreams and also dream that are still to be achieved!

Do you have a dream, story or goal regarding your harp journey that you hold close to your heart?

Be an inspiration to others – just sharing your story or dreams ~ Be it memory of a fun performance with friends, an overseas harp trip, a milestone you achieved, or simply a goal for the future, we would love dream with you. Who knows… your dreams could come true soon!

Your stories will be shared on The Harp Association Facebook page, from June onward to inspire harpists from all around!

Selected “dreams” will also be shared during HarpFest VII.



NAME: Valencia Song
At 4 Years old – I set my eyes on this (harp). Finally at 9 years old, my dream came true!

I am soooo happy! Thank you to all who made my dream come true. I will make more beautiful music on my harp.


NAME: xxxxxxxxxxx
I have started learning the harp for 2 years.

I dream to one day perform in Carnegie Hall!