Masterclass / Workshops

Masterclass with Isabelle Moretti
Gain new knowledge, skills and inspiration with Ms Isabelle Moretti at this years Harp Festival.
Workshops with Rossitza Milevska
Step into the world of jazz harp with Ms Rossitza Milevska. Enjoy making music with other harpists and friends through this fun introductory session to jazz.
There will be 2 sessions: Introduction to Jazz Harp & Jazz Improvisation
Masterclass & Workshop For Pedal / Lever Harp
Masterclass for all levels of playing. Join us with our panel of Master teachers to improve your playing or learn from other students. Active Participating students will receive Certificate of Participation
“Unleash the Musician in You” Workshop with Katryna Tan
Katryna Tan has inspired and instilled music passion in many young music students guiding them to a lead a successful music journey – not only to excel in their performances, but also enjoy their music. She has create a whole new generation of professional harpists.
Join us in this workshop to find out secrets and tips which may be helpful to you or your child.
Masterclass & Workshop for Young Children (Aged 10 and under)
With Katryna Tan (Singapore), Ema Mitarai (Thailand-Japan), Heidi Awuy (Indonesia)
“Let the Harps Sound” Workshop for Adults
Facilitated by a Panel with Guests from Australia, and New Zealand, adult harpists enjoy a workshop about learning at a later stage in adulthood, tips for mastering the harp and getting inspired by each other.
“All About Harps” Workshop with Jakez Francois
Find out all you ever wanted to know about your harp in this workshop!
More details of masterclass and other workshops will be updated SOON! Stay tuned.